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Homebase Care allows people to choose who provides their care, and the caregiver gets paid instantly after their shift.

You can even hire a family member or a friend to care for you!

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Hire a family member or friend to care for you – and they’ll get paid right after their shift!


/ˌhōm ˈbās/

  1. homebase a place from which operations or activities are carried out; headquarters.
  2. the heart of personalized homecare, where individuals have the power to choose their caregivers while staying comfortably at home.
  3. ultimately; home.

The interlocked “H” in our Homebase Care logo symbolizes the close partnership and compassion shared, forming a bond that embraces and supports one another.

NOTE: You can pay out of pocket, or CAN BE FUNDED BY MEDICAID. We can check your eligibility.

We pay on time,

every time.

Get the help you need from someone you choose.
Personalize Your Care Experience.

With Homebase Care, it’s all about getting the help you need from someone you choose.

Forge meaningful connections by hiring a family member or friend, neighbor, or we can help you find someone to provide your care, ensuring you receive ongoing support from a compassionate caregiver who truly cares.

2023 DATA:


Cant afford
in-home care


Unpaid Family Caregivers


If applied, would qualify for pay


Home Care Providers


A Modern Approach to In-Home Care.

01. Qualify and Choose
Call or fill out our quick form to see if you’re eligible with your Medicaid membership. Once you qualify, you’ll be able to select a caregiver you already trust and love.
02. Apply and Enroll
Your full application and enrollment will help determine how many weekly hours of care you can get. 
03. You Get Care – They Get Paid
You receive care you can trust, your loved ones get paid every day, and everyone gets peace of mind.

We pay on time, every time.


Homebase Care introduces a fresh, innovative approach to in-home care for both patients and caregivers, setting new industry standards.

Spend quality time with people You Care about

Instant Payment for Dedicated Caregivers
The user-friendly Homebase app ensures caregivers receive immediate payment following each shift, providing peace of mind for both patients and caregivers.

Choose the Caregiver You Trust

Control at Your Fingertips
We offer unparalleled expertise, guiding you through the complexities of home care programs in every state. Say goodbye to caregiver turnover and hello to reliability.

Avoid caregiver turnover

Unrivaled Customer Care
At Homebase Care, we understand the unique needs of both patients and their caregivers.
Join the Homebase Care family today and experience care that puts you in the drivers seat.

I’ve had aides in the past, but it always ended badly. This is one of the best programs ever. I’m so happy that my niece is helping me.

Gail Mills

Baltimore, MD

100% Guaranteed Instant or Weekly Payment

Direct Deposit

Free Counseling Services

Caregiver Support Program